Sunday, 14 April 2013

Lots of little jobs

Our finances say 'no' to doing anything expensive to the bus, like adding solar, water or awnings (all of the things we'd like to be doing but can't afford!)

Until we save up a bit, we've been doing lots of little jobs.

Here's the progress.
Passenger seat frame getting ready for welding by one engineer to make another engineer happy!

Just like brand new!
Driver's seat frame luckily needed no adjustment.
Ta daaa! Front is all done (except for that bloody engine hatch cover. Bunnings haven't ordered the new carpet yet).
Spray painted the plastic moulded bits which go on the roof/wall. Cupboards will be built over them but they needed a freshen up. We will line the roof with new stuff but it would have been difficult to line the curvy bits, so we kept these.
Before: Rusty old wheel hubs.
Shiny new paint job! Charcoal hammer coat (we didn't paint they tyre, that's just rusty dust from the steel brush we cleaned the rims up with).
I didn't get a before shot of the bull bar but it was all yucky too. Now it looks just like a new one too.
Insulation has started to go in. We can't do too much because we have to do electrics and plumbing. Luckily this section is free of that.
We've also painted the sun visors, side mirrors, lined the cabin roof, and today started lining the walls which don't have any wires/pipes to go in them (I'll add photos of that another time).

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