Wednesday, 25 December 2013

First bit of spray painting.

Some time ago we bought a Stanley belt driven compressor to help us with our bus conversion. More recently the air driven tools went on sale and we picked up a generic branded, gravity fed spray paint kit, tyre puffer-upper and a sander.

Hubby has been sanding the roof in preparation for the skylight vent, hot water and solar to go on (we got our solar kit- more about that later).

He removed the flashing lights which came on when the door was opened (ex school bus stuff) and filled the holes. He sanded and treated some surface rust and today, tried out some spray painting!

Not sure why we thought the front and centre of the bus was the best place to do our initial test piece... luckily it worked out well.

This is the driver's side.
(That little white streak is the sunlight coming through a nail hole in the carport roof, not a painting flaw)
Passenger side.
It is going to be ONE BIG JOB to spray the whole bus!
Luckily we can do the roof, sides and back separately.
This is just the undercoat. we will paint the whole bus white and maybe add a metallic grey stripe. 

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