Saturday, 1 March 2014

Last of the tint

The last few bits of tint went in today.

I'm impressed by the white frost tint on the bathroom window (see previous posts for links to the supplier's eBay store).
Nice and frosty! Helloooo, can you see me? This is the view from the inside.

From the outside. The big test will be when it is dark outside and we turn the light on inside.

We decided to only go with the one window and double dark tint the other where the wall will intersect it. When it is double tinted, you can barely see through and it will keep the bus looking a bit more uniform having them all dark except one.

The window is so bright, I'm seriously considering doing away with the glass frosted door that I had planned for the bathroom and building one from ply and Aquapanel instead. 

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