Friday, 11 March 2016

Feeling a Bit Gassy.

As I've already posted, the kitchenette has been in for some time.
This week, the gas went on!

We had originally planned for a 9kg bottle but decided on a smaller bottle so we had more room and less hassle.

The hardest part was finding an accredited caravan/motor home fitter so he could give us our ticket which is required for the engineer certificate.

We found a guy who was willing to do the job and make the drive down. Fist visit he told us what we needed to do to be certified and cover safety regulations.
This mostly involved a sealed box, accessible from the outside only, able to withstand a lot of force, bolted to the bus body with M8 bolts etc, lockable door, rear facing, bottom vents.
These had to be a certain circumference and we had to add PVC pipes cut at an angle to stop a vacuume effect when traveling.
The bottle had to be secured in a purpose made cradle which could also withstand force. We were lucky that the bus is diesel as there is a whole other list of drama with fuel and ignition points!

PHEW! Got that bit done and then had to wait a few months for the 2nd visit to arrive.

Well... yesterday was the day. we now have a functioning stove!
Here is the Dinette. The cupboard on the left has the gas box in it.

It got painted white and is all nice now.

 See the vent holes with PVC pipes fitted? 
The bottle bracket is a standard one off eBay.

Not sure if I posted about the door. It is a fibreglass one from Caravans Plus (see previous posts for link).

These signs are from eBay and the bottom one is from our local caravan shop. These are 'must haves' to get the ticket.
Our permanent vent is the window which must be opened when the cooker is in use. 
 Here is the first bit. A tap in the line and pipe to the stove.
All done! A regulator on and the cooker is ready to go. 
(the bottle will be latched in when on the go, of course!)

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