Sunday, 19 January 2014

A bit more paint.

After a long week of 40C+ heatwave, we have finally has a cool day and managed to get the black sections of the bus completed (just a little more to do on the front, that is why the masking is still there, as you can see in the pictures). I am a bit arty and we are contemplating airbrushing a scene or something on the sides.

It is such a great feeling to begin to put all of the mirrors, rubbers and door handles back on! I can not wait to tint the windows. They should look great with the black paint as they will be quite dark, with the exception of the driving windows being legal tint for the RWC (here is a link to the info if you need it: ). The tint arrived in the mail last week.

Yesterday we picked up the awning. It is a Carefree branded awning, 14' long with curved, short hardware. The colour is Silver Fade. As usual, there are engineering requirements for the installation so I will write a whole new post about that later.

Now for updated photos of the paint!

As you can see, the dark tint should really set the black off. We will leave the aluminium windows as they are (I'll have to buff them up) because it would be difficult to get any paint to stick to them and if we did, it would end up scratching quite easily anyway.

You can see how we have painted the front and each side with the diagonal line heading up to the windows, this is to mimic the windows of the newer models.

The side mirrors have been painted with grey hammer coat (to match the wheels and bull-bar), as will the windscreen wipers. The headlights had pieces of perspex screwed over them, which was acting as headlight protectors. It was not UV stabilised and they were no good anymore. Luckily, the perspex was the exact size of the flat number plate protectors at Supercheap Auto. Voila! New headlight protectors. Keep an eye out for them on the bus later.

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