Sunday, 12 January 2014

Question: How much paint can you get on a little Civilian?

Answer: 2x 4l tins of base coat and 4x 4l of white.

FINALLY all of the white is down on the bus.
After a few mistakes and a few more hours on YouTube trying to figure out what was going wrong, hubby managed to get all of the white paint finalised today.

Here are some FRESH pictures.

The overspray on the tyres will come off but I think we will get new tyres as these are retreads and not the best.
There is still some black paint to go around the windows and on the front of the bus. I will mask this black area to look like the newer model Civilians and Coasters as the shape is similar to this model but the windows and surrounding paint areas are slightly different. This should work quite nicely with the dark tint we got in the mail yesterday!
That flashing light sticker on the window is going and the back window will also be tinted dark. As you can see, the 'Brilliant White' colour shows up the few knocks on the panels. We opted not to get the panels worked on as there aren't many, they are quite small and I am planing to cover them with some airbrush work later. We kept the emergency stickers which weren't essential but the engineer likes extra safety stuff.
The paint is still soft (actually it was probably still drying when we took these pictures this afternoon!) but after it hardens (a week to a month) we will use a cutting compound and get some more shine happening. A week of 35-40C degree days forecast for the rest of the weeks should speed it up.
Ta daa!

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