Saturday, 25 January 2014

$$$ Credit $$$

Just had to add something pretty awesome.

Today I got an email. It was an email from a business... but the best type. It was from Supercheap Auto!
(Note: We have no affiliation with ANY stores mentioned in this blog, we just want to help you guys save some cash on your own motorhomes).

One thing we did when we first got the bus was buy a card to join the Supercheap Auto Club. The initial cost was $5 and we took it home and signed up online using the details on the card. Initially we bought it to take advantage of the savings and discounts which were only offered to members, as we knew we would be spending a bit on bus goodies as we went.
You simply scan the card with each purchase and you might luck out on a discount here and there.


The very best thing about the card is the credit system. If you've bought something at the store and it goes on sale at a cheaper price (within a certain period), you get the actual $ credits added to your card! You need to spend it within 30 days or something like that, but it never lasts that long on our card!

Today is Australia day and to celebrate, Supercheap offered 20% off, store wide. My email tells me I have $70 to spend... the card just paid for itself heaps of times over.
(If you're wondering what we bought previously to earn this much credit, I think it was some extra paint or thinners or maybe polishing gear for the compressor).


  1. we have only just joined Autocheap, so hopefully we will be able to sing their praises too. My daughter worked for them for a while and find them a good mob to work for too!

  2. I am really glad we decided to join. It has saved us heaps of cash. I hope you have good experiences with them too.