Saturday, 9 March 2013

Bringing the bus home

Collecting the bus has been a drama.
Not only was it five and a half hours away, it was way over the hills and almost at the state boarder!

We got up before six am and were in the car, on our way by five past six. I had planned for the trip and the car was full of fuel, with munchies and drinks for the long road trip.

I wasn't looking forward to it.
I'd been there before, about eighteen years ago.

The main reason I wasn't keen to go was that I was well aware that there was going to be lots and lots of winding road ahead. Tight hairpins and narrow roads going up and down the mountains. The second reason I was pretty bloody reluctant to go was because of the sixty four kms of dirt road winding through the hills which was clearly marked 'unfit for caravans' (rough as guts) and was shared by log trucks. I was going to have to brave it by myself on the way home, while hubby followed along in my rear vision mirror, in the new bus. YUCK.

This was the 'nice' bit. At this point I was over it already and had only gone  eight kms in.
Rather tricky to see but there is a cliff which drops steeply away along the side of the road.
At least the view was nice.
So, we got home without killing the bus through over heating (it was a thirty six degree day) or denting either my car or the bus. There was at least an inch of dust throughout both vehicles. We are currently stripping the bus out and I've just popped inside for a break (and to write this blog post) I'll post some photos of the internal stripping process later.
 Home safely!

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