Saturday, 9 March 2013

Stripping.. not me, the bus.

As promised, here are some pictures of the bus strip-out.

I started on the seats while hubby washed the car and got the dust out after the horrible trip yesterday.
As you can see, the seats really needed to go. Under that duct tape on the back one was a pool noodle! The school children must have been hard at work, picking the foam out of the seats. Little rats!

Seats are out and started working on the internal panels. Lots of little bits of chrome edging and millions of screws to hold it all in place.

Looks like the bus had made the dirt road trip on more than one occasion... yep, that's at LEAST an inch of dust inside the walls, on every structural 'shelf'. Hope the vacuume is up for it. (By the way, my nails and hands aren't usually that beaten up and grubby!)

Almost done. Hubby has removed the heaters that you can see in the photos, if you have a Civilian and want to remove yours, be aware that the radiator pumps through them. You'll need replacement coolant and joiners.

Still working on that back seat (it seems to be fused into place through years of bums being planted on it). I'm getting stuck into the flooring vinyl but haven't finished yet. It has puckered in some areas which would make laying new flooring difficult (floating timber laminate), that means the old stuff has to go!

Here's a shot of the 'business end' before I ripped everything out.
The tired old seats will go and be replaced with nice racey ones from Supercheap Auto!
I will wrap all the dashboard componants and sun visors in felt to give them a fresh start.
Knobs will be sprayed black and the engine area under the seats will first be insulated and then recovered with carpet... snuggly! We are hoping to get a new stereo system and a reversing camera with GPS (maybe santa can afford one at Christmas in 30 more years!)
Tomorrow's jobs are to finish the flooring strip-out and clean, clean, clean, inside and out.


  1. I as surprised to read that you are covering the dashboard with felt. I hadn't considered that fabric. We have just literally this afternoon ordered vinyl. next decision is whether to pad the dashboard with foam or not.

    1. I mentioned in the other reply, it wasn't truly felt, more like pinboard covering. How much foam are you thinking of using under your vinyl? I think a thin layer might work. That way it will cover up if you accidentally get a wood shaving or something under it.