Saturday, 2 March 2013

Here... we... GO!

Hi everyone!

So, it has all started, this morning I made a verbal contract with a guy to sell us his bus, so we can renovate it into the motor home of our dreams.

A little about us:

My hubby and I are just seeing the kids grow up and leave home. Not that we have them here all of the time, they live with their mother but our holidays have pretty much been 'reserved' for the kids since hubby and I met. Now that they are leaving the nest and finding apprenticeships and girlfriends, we are coming to the realisation that we won't see them as much and will have more time to ourselves over the holidays.

We also have dogs. 2 big silly greyhounds. These guys are 'special'. Super needy. They require us to be around at some stage every day. As a result, the most we have been away from home in the last 11 years is about 3 overnight stays... or maybe 2. They are around 10 years old now and looking every bit of those years. It will not be too long before they won't be with us any more. Maybe a few years, the perfect amount of time to get this show on the road!

I am a school teacher and hubby is a school bus driver. This is fabulous for the children visiting us on holidays but means we are stuck here at other times of the year. Our holiday times aren't very flexible.

Staying at home is nice, we do like it but are starting to get a feeling that we'd like to go away occasionally. I'm not sure that we are keen to travel for months around the country but we want to be able to wake up on a Saturday morning and say 'Lets go to X overnight and do some fishing!' How great would that be?

Which led us to think that we wanted a bus.

No hitching anything to a car. No setting up of this and that, checking poles and pegs and packing it all in. No real packing required except food and clothing and if you wanted, you could get food on the way!

We hunted on the internet and found a pair of buses which would do the trick. Not so big that you can't park them or take them anywhere, not too small, so we can fit everything we want in.

Here are the original pictures. There wasn't much info.
Ex school buses.
19 seats.
3 monthly inspections (this is required for all school buses so we feel quite confident buying this one over the internet, unseen).
1994 Nissan Civilian.

(Photos from the original listing)

We will try to pick it up next weekend (all going to plan) so keep an eye out for the updates!

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